Life Insurance with Long Term Care Riders

As conventional LTC policies grow costlier, alternatives have emerged.  Provided by Christian H. DePaul, CFP, MS, CDFA  The price of long term care insurance is really going up. If you are a baby boomer and you have kept your eye … Read More

Women, Money, and the Long-Term

Are you too focused on the short-term? Presented by Christian H. DePaul, CFP, MS, CDFA  How many short-term financial decisions do you make each week? You probably make more than a few, and they may feel routine. Yet in managing … Read More

Protect your family

There are many opportunities to buy insurance. You see it on television, hear it on radio and maybe even meet people trying to sell you insurance of one type or another. An objective financial advisor will assess your personal situation … Read More

Many people recognize the benefit of obtaining an objective review.

Among the many reasons to use a financial planner, objectivity is one. Financial planning is a world wide need. The United States does not have exclusive rights to the process. As I read about cases and the experiences of others … Read More