Making choices about money. Helping children understand money.

Everyone learns about money differently. Some people get it quickly. Some people do not understand basic principles about money even as adults. You can help your child along their path to understanding money by allowing thier opinion in some financial … Read More

Money management ideas for children.

Set aside three containers. The containers could be envelopes or something more firm such as a jar or box. Label the containers Share; Spend and Save. When money is received by your child, as gifts or from small jobs, help … Read More

It’s never too soon to learn money management!

It is never to soon to teach your children about sound financial management skills.  One of the first roadblocks we encounter with our young is the aspect of instant gratification.  While some things certainly need to be addressed immediately, the … Read More

Is it time for Life Insurance?

Confer, compare & contrast. Talk with a financial or insurance professional you trust before plunking down money for a policy. That professional can perform a term-versus-permanent analysis for you and help you weigh per-policy variables.

The coverage may be cheaper than you think. Is it time for life insurance?

The key question is: how long do you plan to keep the policy? If you would rather not pay premiums on an insurance policy for decades, then term life stands out as the most attractive option – especially if you … Read More

Is it time for Life Insurance?

Finding the right policy may be simpler than you think. There are two basic types of life insurance: term and cash value. Cash value (or “permanent”) life insurance policies offer death benefits and some of the characteristics of an investment … Read More

Is it time for life insurance?

Why don’t more young adults buy life insurance? Shopping for coverage may seem confusing, boring, or unnecessary. Yet when you have kids, get married, buy a house or live a lifestyle funded by significant salaries, the need arises. Insurers are … Read More

Is It Time for Life Insurance? Many younger Americans lack life insurance.

Important life events may call for it.  Many younger Americans lack life insurance. A 2014 report from insurance industry analyst LIMRA found that only a third of Gen Y Americans have any life insurance coverage. In the same survey of … Read More

Have you made saving for retirement a secondary priority?

It should be a top priority, even if it becomes secondary for a while due to fate or bad luck. Some families put saving for college first, saving for mom and dad’s retirement second. Remember that college students can apply … Read More

Are you only focusing on building wealth rather than protecting it?

Many people begin investing in their twenties or thirties with the idea of making money and a tendency to play the market in one direction – up. As taxes lurk and markets suffer occasional downturns, moving from mere investing to … Read More