In a recent article by Forbes it was articulated why financial plans are not only for the 1%. This is #10 of their top ten reasons.

” 10.  It will help you live more comfortably.

Those with a plan are also more likely to say they are living comfortably — 48% to 22%, according to the CFP Board survey. Even more remarkable is that those with a plan making between $50,000 and $99,999 are more likely to live comfortably than even those making $100,000+ without a plan: 50% to 46%.

While you don’t necessarily need to hire an outside person to create a financial plan for you, a lot of people do so to save themselves the time and energy of sifting through a lot of advice, some of it potentially contradictory.”

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I still have my oil changed by a service station.  It is not because I cannot do it myself, it is because I recognize the benefits of having a professional assist me.  I could take an hour from work or personal time to go and buy what I need.  Then take another hour to do the job.  Another hour to clean up and yet more time to find a place to properly dispose of the materials.  This is probably four or more hours taken away from my work time or my ever depleting fun time where it might take only 30 minutes at a service station.  (Plus the cost savings are not that great.)  It is worth the time to meet with someone you trust, even if only for a second look!


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