Don’t You Appreciate Good People?

From the online article by Urban Intellectuals comes the feel good story about a man blessed with much helping someone with less.

What’s better than scoring touchdowns in the NFL? For former NFL great Warrick Dunn it is scoring life changing moments for deserving people.

Via his nonprofit, Warrick Dunn Charities, Dunn successfully provided his 139th home to a single mom. Something you probably won’t hear about in the mainstream media, but no worries because notoriety isn’t the motivation for Dunn. He just wants to make a difference in the lives of people that need help.

Dunn made the announcement via twitter with a picture that his 139th home was given away to a single mom. His Tweet read:

“Family 139th for @WDCharities. Life changing moments never get old. Thankful.”

Dunn has dedicated his post NFL career to making a difference in the lives of families by helping them achieve the goal of home ownership, a wonderful mission by a wonderful man.

Dunn became the head of his household at the tender age of 18 years old when his single mother, Betty Smothers, was shot and killed by a thief. Smothers was a police officer, but off duty at the time.

Our hearts go out to Dunn, but our hats come off for his dedication and purpose post football.


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