Christian H. DePaul CFP, CDFA, MS

Christian started in the financial services field in the early 1980’s after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University. With nearly a decade of successful sub-contract work Christian went to his then broker for advice. It was asked what was needed to begin a career directly helping people see their financial goals and aspirations come to fruition. Christian was directed to a company where he remained for nearly 25 years and being able to boast a 100% Client Satisfaction Survey score.

Over this tenure of service and advancing education, several advanced positions were attained and several degrees and certifications were acquired. Positions included that of being a trainer for new planners, seminar speaker as well as managing principal in charge of the Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction in central Virginia. Advanced degrees and designations include the coveted CFP – Certified Financial Planner; CDFA – Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and a Master of Science in Finance/Personal Financial Planning.

These decades of experience, training and successes have helped to create DePaul Wealth Management. With the broker/dealer affiliation and clearing relationship with LPL Financial, Inc., DePaul Wealth Management will be able to better serve you right here from Lynchburg, Va.  Their reputation for service and integrity is excellent. LPL Financial Inc., provides all the services and products you are used to and more. They offer investment advisory services, quick stock and bond transaction executions, competitive municipal bond trading and many other investment choices.

DePaul Wealth Management is the new chapter. (One might consider it an entirely new book!)

Clients always have and always will come first. Often one can find a corporate structure that favors particular, proprietary approaches and products. You will not find that here. Here you will not be stuffed through a keyhole with the intent of selling you what is hot, new thing that needs to be tried out. Instead, we will take our time to recognize there are many door to consider. Together we will be on the same side of the door and look through the keyhole to determine if we event want to open the door. This unbiased approach will allow us to choose any product or service available based solely on what is best for you. DePaul Wealth Management is the result of nearly 30 years of service to individuals and businesses.

I look forward to helping you see your financial goals and aspirations come to fruition. DePaul Wealth Management is… “Your financial compass to successful planning”.

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